Under the Dom (Perignon)

Under the Dom - Hero

My friends are theming their annual Halloween party after Stephen King’s opus this year, and they asked me to do a few cocktails. While I can’t actually make as many as I came up with for the party itself, I couldn’t resist the puns, and I tested most of them out at home. So here we go! Note: I’m not putting news in these because I feel like the Halloween tie-in is close enough.

Under the Dom - Ingredients

Under the Dom (Perignon)

  • 9 parts champagne (not, sadly, Dom Perignon, but where would the pun be without it!)
  • 1 part crème de cassis
  • Mix.

Under the Dom - Portrait

Tasting Notes

BN: So, yes, this is just a Kir Royale. BUT THE PUN! In case you didn’t know, Under the Dome is a Stephen King novel that was made into a TV show. It is not his best work. Also, please do not buy this brand of cassis. I put too much in, but it was generally disgusting and medicinal even when I fixed the ratio. Also, hard to make in batches for a party, and keep cool and bubbly. Pass on this one.

PiC: It was not terrible, but the other ones you made were better.

Under the Dom - Last Look


2 thoughts on “Under the Dom (Perignon)

  1. George Rosen

    Your under the dom isn’t just a kir–it’s a kir royale, which is really good. I like your Murrican name better.

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