News Flash – Greenbar Distillery

Greenbar Distillery

This past weekend, the PiC and I took a tour of Downtown LA’s Greenbar Distillery. Prior to the visit, I had known that they existed, but didn’t know how old they were (I thought it was just a couple of years, but actually they started in 2004), and also that they were responsible for a number of different brands of spirits which I had seen, but not tasted.

The tour was about an hour long, and our guides took us through the history of the company, the equipment they used (including the pictured super fancy still which had an even fancier name that I don’t remember now), and their general outlook on life. We also got to try tiny samples of what amounted to nine different spirits, plus five types of bitters. As I wasn’t taking notes, this will be mostly a visual post.

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News Flash – Otium

Recently we made a visit to Otium in downtown LA, a chic contemporary restaurant in downtown LA. The food will be discussed on the Partner In Crime’s blog, but the drinks, of course, are here.

Milk Punch

Milk Punch – Bourbon, Rum, Masala Chai, Allspice Dram

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