132. Apple Toddy

132. Apple Toddy - Hero

First off, baked apples are good on their own. So, when this recipe called for dunking one into alcohol, I expected it to be delicious. Correctly. I used the Joy of Cooking recipe for a baked apple. Because the Joy of Cooking is my everything.

In the latest Apple news, the company has branched out from computers and technology into the new field of books about computers and technology. Namely, themselves. Super nice photography in here, but I feel like the price tag is pretty unjustified. Sort of how I feel about their new products, too, but that’s another blog. It is pretty though.

132. Apple Toddy - Ingredients

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207. Hot Spiced Rum

207. Hot Spiced Rum - Hero

Well, as things are getting deep into fall territory (at least, they are in the parts of the country where I’m not… I live vicariously through you guys), I figured we ought to broach the warming section of Jerry Thomas’s guide. As the first foray into this field was a disaster, I was a little worried, but I was pleasantly surprised!

So, keeping the news light, I actually accidentally searched for “soiced” instead of “spiced,” and found this article from October. I feel like this is a hard-g / soft-g “gif” situation, though. Either way, gotta love the rhymes.

207. Hot Spiced Rum - Ingredients

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The Cozy Cup – Blizzards in the Northeast

Blizzard 3

Apparently there’s been a lot of snow in the Northeast. Upstate New York especially, and having seen pictures it does seem like a little much. (For anyone except me who wants all snow all the time but that’s besides the point). It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to stay in for forever, sit by the fire and have a mug of something warm, reading a book. So, I tried to make something that would be that warm mug. It’s very simple, but delicious, and also reminds me (not the alcohol bit) of my childhood back in the snow. Ah, winter.


The Cozy Cup

  • 12 oz milk (whatever % catches your fancy)
  • 2 heaping tablespoons classic Ovaltine (I didn’t use tablespoons but a literal table spoon but either works)
  • 1.5 oz Kahlua

Note: This entire recipe is really “to taste,” as you might like more alcohol or less Ovaltine, or have a smaller mug that can’t fit 12 ounces. Anyway, heat up your milk in the microwave for about 1:15. It should be hot, but not boiling or anything. Add in the other two ingredients, stir.

Blizzard 2

Tasting Notes:

BN: I think this is one of the best drinks I’ve made so far, even though I hardly did anything. It’s very basic, but really delicious, and I don’t usually like Kahlua but it blends really well with the malty chocolatey flavor. That being said, I generally think Ovaltine tastes awesome so it may be just that I like Ovaltine so much. Either way, I could see drinking about twenty of these over the course of a cold day and then realizing I was extremely extremely drunk. Maybe I’ll try it this Christmastime.

PiC: I do not like warm milk, but I do love malt, so I enjoyed this drink. It feels very fall/wintry and a nice alternative to the ever-present hot chocolate. The Kahlua cuts through the sweetness a bit, too, and melds well with the Ovaltine. In summary: yum!