229. Drink for the Dog Days

#229 Drink for the Dog Days

This would probably be better suited for another time in the year, given the title, but I wanted to try out another of his “Temperance Drinks” because they’re usually relatively interesting. And it was!

Well, for the news that keeps dogging Trump, the Comey business will not end! Now the Senate Oversight Committee (both Republicans and Democrats) is requesting all records of any conversations President Trump and former FBI Director Comey had, whether or not they involved threats, loyalty pledges, coercion, state secrets, etc… Hopefully something good will come of this.

#229 Drink for the Dog Days Ingredients

229. Drink for the Dog Days.

  • A bottle of soda-water poured into a large goblet, in which a lemon ice has been placed, forms a deliciously cool and refreshing drink; but should be taken with some care, and positively avoided whilst you are very hot.

Tasting Notes

BN: There are a number of things to discuss about this drink, not all of which are taste-related. Firstly, I doubt our (delicious!) Trader Joe’s popsicle, or the lemon section of it, anyway, was actually what he meant by lemon ice. I’m guessing something a little less solid. However, it melted away into nothingness very quickly, so who knows (see photos above, pre- and post-stir). Secondly, that last phrase… does that have something to do with your humors being out of balance, and all that? I feel like I’ve heard the superstition that very cold things are bad for you when it’s hot out but I don’t remember what decade it came from. Anyways, taste. This was not bad — basically a very lightly-flavored lemon seltzer, which had much less flavor than I was expecting. Not too sweet, surprisingly, and pretty pleasant. We also tried it with the other two sections of the popsicle, which were also good.

PiC: I liked this! Not too sweet, and almost like a float with seltzer instead of soda.

#229 Drink for the Dog Days - Last Look

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