115. Soda Cocktail


After having five different more-or-less terrible light beers (more on that to come!), I decided to tone it down a little with the next – non-alcoholic – mixture from Mr. Thomas. This is actually a variation of his 114. Jersey Cocktail, which is the same thing but with cider (presumably alcoholic cider) instead of soda water, but we’ll get to that at a later point.

The following came up in a Google News search for bitters, so while it is not news, it’s actually pretty fascinating and therefore I think it counts. Everything you ever wanted to know about Angostura bitters. Check it out! Also I really want to try that Angostura Sour they mention, but I’ll need to buy another bottle for that.


115. Soda Cocktail

(Use large bar glass.)

  • 1 teaspoonful of sugar.
  • 2 dashes of bitters. [I used more like 3.5. You can never have too many bitters dashes.]
  • Fill tumbler with soda-water [SodaStream FTW] and mix well, with lemon peel on top.

Non-tasting note: Technically this is an adapted recipe, as the actual one in the book just says “The same as Jersey cocktail, using soda-water instead of cider.” I made the word substitutions for you.


Tasting Notes:

BN: I liked this! Not as good as the Soda Nectar from before, but a nice summery drink. The bitters flavor was subtle but very delicious (when is it not?), and although I was worried there wasn’t going to be enough sugar it was really just right — not soda sweet, really, but more like a modified seltzer. You could dispute whether or not it’s really a “cocktail,” but I’ll take it.

PiC: I liked it! I like that it was a subtle flavor, and I like the nose of the lemon peel. I think it was refreshing, and if anything I might add a little more bitters, but either way it’s very drinkable.



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