219. Sherry and Bitters

219. Sherry and Bitters - Hero

Next on the list of lame two-ingredient cocktails (at least they’re easy to make!), one of my favorite ingredients! Let’s see if it rescues the drink.

Let’s see, how can I put the words in this cocktail into a story about the Olympics? Which is clearly the important news right now… Here’s an interview with the “team mom” for a lot of Team USA – Sherry Von Reisen. Boom.

219. Sherry and Bitters - Ingredients

219. Sherry and Bitters

  • 1 dash of bitters.
  • 2 oz. of sherry.

219. Sherry and Bitters - Landscape

Tasting Notes

BN: It tastes like those two things, and nothing more. It’s okay, especially compared to those others, but not great.

PiC:  Yes, it does taste like that. I don’t want it, but we’ve had worse.

219. Sherry and Bitters - Last Look


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