216. Brandy and Soda

216. Brandy and Soda - Hero

I guess it’s just because these are the first cocktails, really, but they seem (to me) to hardly count as cocktails. Oh well. You do you, Jerry, you do you.

So news is also really tough for drinks that are only named after the ingredients they have in them… Here’s something about someone getting murdered over a bottle of brandy. In Namibia, apparently.

216. Brandy and Soda - Ingredients

216. Brandy and Soda

(Sometimes called Stone Wall.)

(Use small bar glass.)

  • 2 oz. of Cognac brandy.
  • ½ glass of fine ice.
  • Fill up with plain soda.

216. Brandy and Soda - Top Down

Tasting Notes

BN: Meh. Watered down slightly bubbly brandy. Not my thing, though at least the little bit of brandy taste you get is good.

PiC: It’s not good… It’s not terrible because it’s so watered down, but still.

216. Brandy and Soda - Last Look


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