86. Sherry Egg Nogg

86. Sherry Egg Nogg - Hero

My dorm in college used to have Sherry Hour every week, or maybe every month… I forget which. Anyways, I was never really a fan, but I had this bottle on hand so this drink worked out fairly well. It also is a little closer to what I think of as actual eggnog, at least compared to the others so far.

All of my interactions with Beefeaters have been very friendly. Granted, I think I only had one, as a tour guide at the Tower of London, but still. Apparently, they drink sherry! Also whiskey. However, I am confused as to why they do not drink gin. You’d think that would be a thing… Otherwise what is Beefeater gin? This is all barely news. I apologize.

86. Sherry Egg Nogg - Ingredients

86. Sherry Egg Nogg

  • 1 table-spoonful of white sugar.
  • 1 egg.
  • 4 oz. of sherry.
  • Dissolve the sugar with a little water; break the yolk of the egg in a large glass; put in one-quarter tumblerful of broken ice; fill with milk, and shake up until the egg is thoroughly mixed with the other ingredients, then grate a little nutmeg on top, and quaff the nectar cup.

Tasting Notes

BN: This smells a lot like sherry, but it mostly just tastes like sweet milk with a little bit of an alcohol bite. It reminds me of something I used to have every now and then as a kid —  warm milk with a bit of sugar and nutmeg (OH NO WE FORGOT TO GRATE THE NUTMEG ON TOP OF THIS) but cold instead of hot. It’s the right ratio of alcohol to milk, unlike most eggnog and boozy milkshake derivatives, so that’s a big plus. And it’s so nicely staged (thanks, PiC)!

PiC: I like it.


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