8. Scotch Whiskey Punch

8. Scotch Whiskey Punch - Hero

Sometimes, Jerry Thomas is kind of a douche. This is one of those times. You’ll see why in the description for this drink, of which there are minimal details. Of course, he then turns around and gives specific details in the very next recipe, so he really waffles a bit. I used the rough proportions from the next drink (out tomorrow) to make this one.

Not a huge amount of related news, but in an effort to be informative, a few stories about Latin America. Donald Trump met with the Mexican president, in a meeting I wish I had been there to see. Meanwhile, Dilma Rousseff of Brazil was (finally) impeached. It’s a one-two punch of leadership stories!

8. Scotch Whiskey Punch - Ingredients

8. Scotch Whiskey Punch

Steep the thin yellow shavings of lemon peel in the whiskey, which should be Glenlivet or Islay, of the best quality; the sugar should be dissolved in boiling water. As it requires genius to make whiskey punch, it would be impertinent to give proportions. (See “Spread Eagle Punch,” No. 39.) [This is just another drink with the same ingredients. Not really sure why it’s different or why the reference.]


8. Scotch Whiskey Punch

Tasting Notes:

BN: I used the same proportions as I did in tomorrow’s drink, but as I also am clearly a genius, I will not give you those measurements until then. This was actually rather nice, a pretty basic hot toddy, and much better than the disgusting Scotch Whiskey Skin from a while ago which was just this without sugar. You really should strain it, though — the shavings, while cool looking, were kind of gross if you got them in your mouth.

PiC: I like the citrus, and I could definitely see myself drinking this on a cold winter day!

8. Scotch Whiskey Punch



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